Get Turner quotes


When planning a building project the first thing most people want to know is, how much is it going to cost? Budgeting is obviously a major part of any project, but to be able to work out accurate costs contractors need to be given sufficient information.

Some people initially ask for a rough cost estimate for what they would like to do. We are happy to make site visits and provide ballpark estimates based on basic drawings and/or descriptions, which can provide a good starting point. It is also useful for both clients and contractors to establish early on whether or not their cost expectations are broadly in line.

Many people planning large projects ask for quotes from at least three different contractors, which is sensible but only if they are all quoting for exactly the same work. Our detailed quotes take time to produce, as they break the project down into quantified elements with associated costs. The only way we can calculate such detailed costs – and for clients to get like-for-like quotes from different contractors – is to have the following information:

● Architect’s drawings

● Structural engineer’s drawings and calculations (where applicable)

● A schedule of works – a quantified list of the work and materials required

As well as providing architectural and structural design services, we can also produce a schedule of works for a fee of £400 +VAT, which can be used by us and any other contractor for quoting purposes. If you went on to appoint Get Turner for your project, this fee would be deducted from your bill.