Building extensions on listed buildings and in conservation areas

An old street lamp in a park with leafless trees and a row of historical townhouses in the background on a clear day.

Building extensions on listed buildings and in conservation areas

An old street lamp in a park with leafless trees and a row of historical townhouses in the background on a clear day.

With building experience in London’s most prominent conservation areas, Get Turner is a leading contractor in the sensitive restoration and conservation of listed buildings. 

Listed buildings provide unique opportunities to modernise while retaining the character and heritage of the building. Our team of craftspeople have the skills and expertise necessary to renovate and refurbish historic buildings sensitively, using the appropriate materials and construction methods. 


What is conservation construction?

Conservation construction is a specialised building practice that ensures our heritage buildings are protected and maintained for future generations to come. The act of conservation is essential to preserve national building history and ensure any maintenance on protected buildings is carried out using sympathetic building materials and construction methods. 


What is building conservation?

Building conservation ensures our traditional buildings are continually assessed for maintenance to retain their character and minimise damage. This aids in reaching net zero by 2030 as to appropriately maintain these buildings, eco-friendly building materials are employed, reducing the reliance on carbon-intensive building materials.

Building conservation also showcases low-energy and low-carbon buildings in practice. Despite the age of these buildings, the traditional use of timber and stone is now being promoted by sustainable architects and builders alike. Both materials are readily available in the UK, minimising emissions in transport and are sustainable alternatives to more carbon intensive materials such as steel and concrete.

Seeing how these historic buildings stand the test of time allows us to see the merits of traditional building methods. Looking at these buildings in the UK and Europe as case studies allows building practitioners to learn how these materials perform and how sustainable building methods might support a greener future in construction.


Can you build an extension in a conservation area?

Conservation areas are bound by strict laws in what is permitted under planning and what is not. 

When approaching the renovation of a listed building, it is best to engage with a builder who has considerable experience in this area. This avoids headaches down the line regarding time on site, budget and adhering to planning laws correctly.

Get Turner has over 15 years experience in conservation areas and the sustainable renovation of listed buildings in London. Our team of specialised craftspeople have the knowledge and skill to ensure your building aligns with your vision while meeting requirements set out by the council.


Can you build a new house in a conservation area?

Although this would not be permitted, listed buildings can be modernised with materials that are sympathetic and retain the buildings overall character. Our sister company Architecture for London offers design services specialising in the sustainable renovation of heritage homes. The design and arrangement of a home that prioritises use of space and daylight can lend to an improved scheme that utilises the property’s existing footprint, reaching its full potential overall.


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