Finding a builder for your eco-home

Finding a builder for your eco-home

A freshly refurbished and architect-designed nursery with white walls, a custom-built wall shelf solution, and modern furniture.

Are you in search of a builder who shares your passion for sustainability and eco-friendly living? Look no further than Get Turner. 

With our dedication to environmental responsibility and expertise in sustainable building practices, we can assist in creating your eco-friendly home in London. 

Teaming up with our sister company Architecture for London, our collective commitment to excellence in eco-friendly design and construction ensures that your home not only meets but exceeds your expectations for sustainability and craftsmanship.


Designing an eco-friendly home with an eco-builder

Finding the right builder for your eco-home project can be a daunting task but with Get Turner, you can rest assured that your vision for a sustainable home will be brought to life with care and precision. 

Our team of experienced builders understands the unique challenges and opportunities presented by low-energy, eco-friendly homes and is equipped with the knowledge and resources to tackle them effectively. 

Whether you are planning a new build or a renovation, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences. Our experience and knowledge in building eco-homes ensure your priorities are considered at the very beginning, keeping momentum up and costs down. 

Designing an eco-friendly home requires careful consideration of various factors, including energy efficiency and resource conservation. With Get Turner as your builder, you can expect thoughtful solutions that maximise sustainability without compromising on style or comfort. We have extensive experience in using innovative sustainable materials, installing MVHR systems, and air source heat pumps and building to Passivhaus standards. 

From prioritising natural lighting and ventilation to recommendations on energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, we will incorporate best practices to create a home that will offer a reduction of energy costs in the long term.


Eco-friendly house refurbishments

In addition to new builds, Get Turner specialises in eco-friendly renovations, helping homeowners transform their existing properties into sustainable havens. 

We have ample experience in renovating older homes and listed buildings and can deal with the constraints of these renovations with ease. Whether you are looking to upgrade your insulation, install energy-efficient windows or incorporate renewable energy systems, our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process, ensuring that your refurbished home meets the highest standards of sustainability and performance. 


Building a new eco house

Building a new eco-home is an exciting opportunity to embrace the principles of eco-living and create a space that reflects your commitment to a greener future. With Get Turner, you can trust that your project is in good hands from start to finish. From design to construction management and quality control, we will oversee every aspect of the build with diligent attention to detail, ensuring that your eco-home is built to last.


Our design services include:


  • Architectural design – from concept to construction-ready drawings
  • Early cost calculations to match design to budget
  • Planning permission applications
  • Co-ordination with the building team and pre-booked construction slot
  • Co-ordination of structural design
  • Advice on space- and cost-saving ideas and finishes
  • Bespoke kitchen/storage design co-ordination
  • Schedule of work and detailed costings as the design develops

In the construction phase, we also provide the following services:

  • Programme of works
  • Project and site management
  • Dedicated construction team
  • Continued input from the architect
  • Management of all required permissions and paperwork
  • Sourcing and ordering items on a client’s behalf


Finding an eco-friendly builder in London

When it comes to finding an eco-friendly builder in London, Get Turner stands as a leader in sustainable construction. Our track record of success and dedication to environmental responsibility set us apart as the premier choice for eco-conscious homeowners seeking to build or refurbish their dream homes. 

Our base in Clerkenwell places us in the middle of London’s design and construction hub. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we will help you turn your vision for an eco-friendly home into a reality, creating a space that not only meets your needs but also reflects your values and aspirations for a more sustainable future