Gayhurst Road, E8


Gayhurst Road E8
Two-storey Victorian terraced house
Whole-house refurbishment
8 months
£400,000 +VAT

A living room with daylight coming in through a big window featuring a blue sofa and a fireplace.

This whole-house refurbishment was in a lovely terrace of two-storey Victorian houses in Hackney.

The house was refurbished from top to bottom as it hadn’t been touched for some time. We installed a new heating system and rewired the electrics, fitted new wood flooring, windows and doors.

A rooflight was added to the landing, bringing much-needed natural light into the upstairs area; the existing staircase was transformed with oak-clad stairs and a bespoke metal-railed balustrade.

The bespoke kitchen was designed and handcrafted by our joiner. Bespoke storage was added to make best use of the space, with built-in cupboards beneath the staircase, around the mantlepiece in the living room, and in the bathroom. New wardrobes in the main bedroom also added a significant amount of discreet storage space.

Since completing this house, we have already started work on an extension and refurbishment on the same road.