Hackney Road, E2


Hackney Road, E2
New build house in conservation area
12 months
£566,000 +VAT

new build house builder london

This new build house consists of four bedrooms, a ground-floor studio, a series of home offices and garden terraces. The wedge-shaped footprint gradually opens out through its 20m depth from a 3.7m frontage.

The house was constructed on an abandoned plot that had been an open yard at the rear of a grocers. The black façade sits distinctively on the street, which is in a conservation area. The black brick is used in three bands of differing treatments, alternating with mirrored polished panels.

Inside, a variety of volumes are naturally lit with generous glazing. The central circulation space opens out into a games room that is designed to be functional as well as reminiscent of the family’s former home in a Victorian maisonette.

A secluded street-facing bamboo terrace leads off the master bedroom and a small glazed courtyard opens out from guest accommodation and an open-ceilinged yoga studio.