Ridgdale Street, E3


Ridgdale Street, E3  London
4-bedroom Victorian house
Single-storey kitchen extension, built-in storage
Roger Crimlis, AUDB Architects
3 months
£90,000 +VAT

“We are delighted with the results of our project. Mark’s team were amazing: efficient, friendly and professional throughout. We have a new space which fits our specifications perfectly and blends function with great design. We would always recommend Get Turner for a seamless approach and a stress-free project.”

Client, Ridgdale Street, E3

In the original layout, a slim galley kitchen was positioned at the back of the property and an L-shaped garden area wrapped around it to the side and rear. The new layout made the most of the space available within planning restrictions in a Conservation Area by doubling the width of the kitchen area.

The clients wanted the extension design to allow as much natural light as possible into the area. To achieve this, the architect suggested using more glass and less brick in the rear exterior walls and specified a set of French doors and a set of sliding doors from which the small decked area could be accessed, as well as a large, floor-to-ceiling window and one roof lights.

We installed the kitchen and island units and laid two different types of flooring – engineered wood and Welsh natural slate tiles – to delineate the kitchen and dining areas within the open-plan layout.

The clients wanted more storage space than the kitchen area could accommodate and commissioned our bespoke joiners to design, make and install a wall of floor-to-ceiling cupboards running from the dining room door to the kitchen units. Each cupboard has its own internal configuration of shelving and drawers and the flush doors hide the much-needed storage away behind a sleek, stylish facade.