Designing gardens is as much of a specialism as architecture or construction. Working with RHS-trained, qualified designer, David Bracher, we can create stunning outside spaces.

Your garden is an extension and reflection of your home; and a place to relax, entertain and enjoy nature. Successful garden designers will work with you and within your budget to find the right balance of geometry, scale and harmony.

With David’s plant knowledge and access to nationwide nurseries, he can give you a professional planting plan designed with careful consideration of your garden’s location and specific requirements. Our package can also include: custom-built garden furniture, professionally designed lighting plans and innovative hardscaping ideas.

Having one team work on both the inside and outside of your home, at the same time, makes practical and financial sense, whether you want a full re-design or a simple makeover.

Our garden design process

1. Client consultation and site survey
2. Initial 2D sketch designs and first draft of costings
3. Further client meetings to progress ideas and review samples
4. Detailed 3D CAD designs and updated costings
5. Finalised design, specification and costings
6. Construction
7. Planting plans

With David’s creativity and horticultural knowledge and Get Turner’s construction expertise, your outdoor space can become a truly beautiful part of your home.