Get Turner quotes


When planning a building project, the first thing most people want to know is how much it will cost. Budgeting is obviously a major part of any project and, to be able to work out accurate costs, contractors need to be given sufficient information. Depending on the scale of the project, this can include: detailed architects’ drawings, structural drawings/calculations and a schedule of works.

We are happy to make site visits and provide initial ballpark estimates based on basic drawings and/or descriptions, which can give you a good starting point. It is also useful for both clients and contractors to establish early on whether their cost expectations are broadly in line. Once we have all the relevant information, we can produce full, detailed quotes.

Negotiated and competitive tenders

Timing is also one of the most important factors for building projects. Good building contractors are likely to be booked up in advance and, if you choose to get competitive quotes from different firms, you may have to compromise on timing to fit in with a builder’s availability, as you will only be able to appoint them part-way through the process.

The other option is to work on a negotiated tender basis. With Get Turner, this involves providing an initial ballpark quote, then, once a negotiated tender has been confirmed and a slot booked in our construction schedule, working with you to develop the details before producing a full, itemised quote. An iterative process then follows to get the costs and specification to levels that suit both parties before the quote is finalised. We can bring new ideas and additional expertise to this process, especially in suggesting ways of keeping costs down.

As you only have costs from one contractor with a negotiated tender, you may be concerned about value for money. Some clients appoint an independent Quantity Surveyor to check our prices and provide confidence that what we are charging is fair.

We are also happy to quote for your project as part of a competitive tender process and, if successful, then book you into an available slot in our schedule.

Schedule of works

A schedule of works is an itemised, quantified list of all the work and materials required for a project, which forms the basis of a detailed quote.

If you decide to get competitive quotes from different builders, the only way you can get like-for-like quotes is to provide them with a definitive schedule of works. Otherwise, each builder may interpret the requirements of the job differently, making it impossible to get truly comparable quotes.

As well as providing architectural design services, we can also produce a schedule of works, which can be used by any contractor for quoting purposes, with fees starting at £400 +VAT. If you went on to appoint Get Turner for your project, this fee would be deducted from your bill.